Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Fun 2013!

 It doesn't look like much of it made it into his mouth!

 Oh this is cute.  Emmy has such an endearing smile.  It's contagious.  Tommy looks so cute here I want to kiss his cheeks.  Yes, she has a few inches on him.  We'll find out tomorrow at their 2 yr well check how many.  But I tell people to keep in mind that Tommy is average and Emmy is off the charts!  He isn't a shrimp, she's just a tall one.  This picture points out how every different they look.  I think their eyes are similar but that's about it.  People are always surprised when I tell them they are twins. 
 Emmy loves to do whatever Erica is doing.  She wants to be just like her and I think it's great.  The faces they are both making are classic for both of them!
 She and Tommy have lllloooovvveeeddd popsicles this summer.  They are quite good at that word.
 Tommy wanted to get out of this, but Emmy wasn't going to let him get away.  She was very determined to hold his hand!!  Look at the next picture as well.  She is making sure he is still holding her hand!  Ohhhh watch out comes Emmy!!(:

 Erica loves to read so much that sometimes I have to tell her to stop.  That's a mother's dream come true.
 Oh how we love this kid.  Bryant is having a great year in 2nd grade.  His teacher is Mrs. Teynor.  He loved his summer freedom.  He was so good at getting his piano practiced and his reading done so he could do whatever he wanted, like play with friends and the wii.

 Here I am with Thing 1 & Thing 2!!  Today my brother-in-law called Tommy a wrecking's not too far from the truth!
 We got back from swimming and Emmy got the swim diapers out of the bag and this is what she did!  I think she had three on each leg.
 Oh boy!  Here comes double trouble.  These two love water.  This was really fun and they loved it!

 Erica and her friend Clara dressed up Tommy and Emmy in Erica's clothes.  They came down stairs and did a fashion show.
 These guys are off for adventure!

 This is summer fun!!!

 Check out his legs!!!  They are always covered in bruises these days.  He's always climbing and running and falling.  He has a lot of adventure in him, just as a 2 year old should.  I love it.
 This is Emmy's favorite outfit.  I should have bought it in a few more colors.  She looks soooooo cute in this!!  Oh, and she knows it.

 Every day when it's time to do Emmy's hair and I tell her she lights up.  She runs right to her bathroom and I set her up on the counter.  She holds perfectly still because she loves the outcome.  She helps me pick the hair bows for the day with a little guidance and then she carefully touches the results as she admires her hair.  I love this time of day!  She is so excited to put pretty things in her hair and she doesn't take them out anymore.  YEA!!!  What a corner we have turned!

 Sorry Erica, you've grown too tall.  She turned 10 this summer.  WHAT!?!?!

 Look at these two rascals!  Yesterday I put Tommy down for his nap and I always say "Night, night, I love you!"  For the first time he said, "Wuv you" back.  It melted all the naughty moments away. (:

 I'm a lucky Mom to get to love and nurture these four beauties.  They make me sooooooo happy!!!

 Now here's a girl who knows she looks cute with pink sunglasses on!  She has Erica's headband around her neck.  I don't think that smile could get any bigger.
 Oh yea.  Now she melts the heart.  Those big blue eyes are hard to say "no" to, let me tell ya.

 A little time at the Zoo.  When we moved here I was kind of burnt out on the zoo because we had a pass in Kentucky.  So, now 3 years later, we went to the Zoo here and I bought a pass.  It has been really fun with the kids.  Emmy and Tommy are good sports to stay in the stroller.  The first time we went they barked like a dog at every animal we saw.  Now they are saying "rhar" more often.
 Um.  Erica looks very comfortable, but Bryant on the other hand...isn't loving it.

 We ate a LOT of watermelon this summer.  These two are finally big enough that I often let them sit up to the table like this without their booster seats.  They love the freedom, sometimes a little too much.

 Emmy loves her blankets.
 Tommy's yelling, "Help!"
 I know I have mentioned that Emmy love love LOVES shoes.  I brought these home from the Disney store and she went nuts.  She stopped over and over again to admire them.  She ran up to everyone in the house to show them off.  She is such a girl!  I hope she has a big closet one day!

 Look at them teasing each other.
 Oh boy!  That's all I have to say about this pic.

 Erica and her friend Clara having LOTS of fun!  These two girls did a bake sale/toy sale this summer and came out quite successful.  I was proud of them and their hard work.  They also put on a "carnival" in our back yard.  They made up signs,tickets, games and treats, the works.  They all had fun!
 Oh that face. (:

Oh THAT face too!(:  We had a great summer here.  This is the first summer where we just stuck around close to home.  We had lots of family come here.  We had my family here for 2 great weeks!  We went to the cabin an hour away several times.  We also went boating and hiking.  But other than those short trips we stayed close going to museums, swimming, movies, and playing with friends.  It was really really fun.  Vivi helped out so that I could take Erica and Bryant out without Emmy and Tommy.  There are a lot of things they can't do yet, or they wouldn't be fun to take yet! (:  Vivi would come over and we would put Tommy and Emmy down for naps, then I would leave with Erica and Bryant and we did all those things mentioned above.  Sure Emmy and Tommy got some adventure, they swam, went to the children's museum and the zoo plenty.  They also got to go boating and to the cabin.  We all had a really fun summer.  Watch for posts about our summer b-days and family reunion.

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  1. Your kids are so big........holy cow. The sister picture (and the look Emmy is giving Erica) is my favorite one. It is just SO cute. And that Tommy.......not sure how you can get mad at him because it looks to me like his cute face could get him out of ANYTHING!!!!